Add Flutter, Color and Song to Your Garden

Lepidopterists and ornithologists are not the only ones with the magic to entice butterflies and birds to gardens. Adding a rainbow of butterflies and twittering birds to your  landscaping is not difficult. According to the Louisiana Sate University Agricultural Center all you need is food, cover, water and space. By planting flowers and plants native to your area, you will have what you need with just a little tender care.

Prepare a pollination-friendly, no pesticide,  garden with flowering plants – herbs such as oregano or sage also work well – to provide feeding opportunities. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Texas report that  a combination of native wildflowers, trees, grasses and shrubs provide enough  food for butterflies to flourish.

Trees offer numerous offer nooks and crannies for butterflies and branches for sheltering birds. A decaying log or a pile grass clippings makes a good home for butterflies.

A birdbath, decorative feeders and flat stones (for resting butterflies), water feature, or containers filled with water or seed enhances the personality of your garden, as you create a prime haven for butterflies and birds. Butterflies prefer open and sunny areas and birds are drawn to trees providing shade, cover and food sources.


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