Backyard Camping: Fun for the Whole Family

Backyard Camping: Fun for the whole family image

If it’s been a while since you’ve had the opportunity to spend a few hours outside, camping style, why not consider camping in the backyard? You don’t have to go to a crowded camp ground to have fun camping. Here are a few tips to make your backyard camping adventure fun for the whole family.

Make Your Tent Comfy and Inviting

Be sure to pitch your tent in a spot that’s as level as possible. Nobody will be happy sleeping on bumps and lumps. Bring lots of blankets, pillows, and sleeping mats or air mattresses for extra comfort. You’ll want to make your camping sleeping quarters as comfy as possible, so that everybody doesn’t go scurrying back into the house.

Cook Up Some Tasty Treats

Try making your own food. Using a camping skillet to cook over a campfire can be a lot of fun, especially for kids. If you don’t have a fire pit in your backyard, trying cooking on a propane camp stove instead. All kinds of simple, tasty treats are easy to make this way, such as hot dogs, s’mores, roasted apples, and hot chocolate.

Explore Nature

You’d be surprised how many interesting things you can find in the nature of your backyard. Arrange a scavenging hunt for the kids, to find as many cool bugs, rocks, or plants as they can, then have a show and tell of what they’ve found. Remember to always put any captive bugs back where you found them when the hunt is done.

Play Games

Game time is fun for everyone. Set up outdoor games on your lawn, like ring toss, bowling, or hop scotch. If your family prefers board or card games, set them up inside your tent and get cozy. Backyard camping will add a whole new twist to family game night!

Have a Singalong

What would camping be without a singalong? Even if you’re not the greatest singer, you’re kids are not likely to care. Singing some of their favorites together can be a whole lot of fun, and maybe you can teach them a few songs from your childhood too.

Tell Stories

Telling scary stories and tall tales is a camping tradition. It keeps kids entertained, fueling their imagination. Read a favorite children’s book from their collection, or have each family member make up their own imaginative story.

There is something special about that feeling of relaxation and bonding that comes from camping outside. The suggestions above will make camping in your backyard every bit as much fun as a faraway camp ground.

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