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How to Control Shelf Clutter 

If there is one issue that can affect most lifestyles, it is shelf clutter. People do tend to accumulate things because they like to shop. However, they also have well-meaning friends who like to give presents for holidays and birthdays. Even roomier homes with spacious shelving can eventually run out of space. To tackle annoying shelf clutter, use these tips to keep living spaces tidy and inviting:

Understand the Function of Shelves

Many homeowners equate shelves with storage, but times have changed. Since these units now function more like accessories, their presence doesn’t imply to get more stuff. Even closet shelves benefit from organization and become more efficient when you arrange items properly.

Analyze What’s Important

Analyze the importance or usefulness of everything stored on a shelf. If you have items on display solely because they were presents, remove them. This action might create feelings of guilt, but remember that ownership allows everyone to do what they wish with things.

Organize Books

Many people love to read and store books on shelves. Unless you have a designated library space, massive amounts of literature can add significant disarray to an otherwise orderly living space. To reduce this clutter, pick one criteria for display. You could show off a favorite author or only store hardcovers on shelves.

To make books look more interesting, don’t just stack them side by side. Instead, break up the monotony and arrange some of them on top of each other. Place some other items in between to break up the monotony.

Consolidate Collections

Many people like to collect things, and these items often end up on shelves. If you have a large collection or share the home with other collectors, clutter could become a problem. To tackle this problem, choose only favorite pieces for display, and rotate them regularly.

Store or Get Rid of Extra Items

Controlling shelf clutter does come with one big issue: what to do with the removed items? When you can’t display something but don’t know what to do with it, donate it. If that seems like a harsh step, pack these items away. You can store them in an attic, or place them in a basement, garage or closet. 

Having less on display makes cleaning easier. That’s why controlling shelf clutter is as much about clean up as it is about esthetics. When you use these tips, taking care of excess stuff can make a much more pleasant task.

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