Jumpstart Spring with Eco-Friendly Air Duct Cleaning

Jumpstart Spring with Eco-Friendly Air Duct Cleaning Image

Now that winter is running out of steam and spring is just around the corner, it’s time you should think about having your air ducts cleaned. Eco-friendly air duct cleaning gets rid of dirt, accumulated dust, irritants, and allergens. Your home’s air quality is improved for a safer and healthier environment.

While your home is shuttered up tight against the harsh winter elements, pollutants and contaminants build up inside your home. These particles are pulled into the heating system and recirculated throughout the house on average 5 to 7 times a day.

Allergens like smoke, dust, cooking oil particles, pet dander, and plant pollen are forced back into the air. With time, re-circulation causes a build-up of harmful impurities in the ductwork. The dirt collected in the vents might trigger a blockage in the system, resulting in poor heating performance, higher energy costs, and unhealthy interior air quality.

Your Health: 

Regardless of how well you clean, dust is present in every home. House dust and dirt particles are the main culprits for indoor allergies. Unbelievable as it may sound, the average home can collect 20-40 pounds of airborne particulates each year. According to research studies on pollutants, indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more contaminated than outdoor air.

People who suffer from asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, and allergies can get an allergic sensitivity to foreign invaders in the home. These invaders can trigger an immune response from the allergens that result in an adverse reaction to the linings of the eyes, nose, or airway. There can also be some mystifying symptoms that your household may experience, like headaches, aches, and pains.

The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning:

Duct cleaning removes unwanted contaminants in the house by cleaning the HVAC components of forced air systems. Think about your system as your home’s lungs as it continuously breathes air in and out of whatever gets drawn into the unit.

A dirty heating and cooling system makes your unit less efficient and shortens the system’s lifespan. This inefficiency can result in potential breakdowns and higher energy costs. When your HVAC system doesn’t have to work so hard, your system runs at peak performance for a better-quality environment.

Eco-Friendly Process:

With so much concern about harmful chemicals polluting the environment, green technology companies are the best alternative to traditional air duct cleaning methods which also supported by the sites like https://www.air-duct-cleaning.co.uk/. These companies use professional equipment to remove contaminants in your home with biodegradable products safely.

The cleaning process involves professional technicians using the latest tools to agitate and dislodge the dirt and debris that’s inside your ducts. Eco-friendly cleaning is performed without the use of harsh chemicals during the procedure.

Instead of using corrosive and even toxic chemicals inserted into the vents, these companies use environmentally friendly supplies like detergent-free and hypo-allergenic products. These chemical-free products are derived from various plants, including citrus, oils, and baking soda.

The eco-friendly practice does not emit any hazardous fumes escaping back into your home, so you get a deep clean and a safer interior environment. By avoiding using these dangerous compounds that dirty the environment, the house’s wellness is improved.

 Costs of Duct Cleaning:

Air duct cleaning can vary in cost according to the size of the HVAC system. Other factors that determine the price include the system’s accessibility for the technicians to clean the HVAC and ducts thoroughly, the climate in the region, and the system’s contamination level. The service can range in cost from $450-$900.

Make Your Home a Healthier Environment:

Air filters help capture a fair amount of the dust particles that flow through the system, but they don’t do the whole job. Having your air ducts cleaned will remove all of the other substances that get stuck on the sides along the way. Eco-friendly air duct cleaning will keep the HVAC system working more efficiently, so air quality and flow are improved, and your home is a healthier environment for your whole family.

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