The Ryobi RYi2200 Outdoor Generator


It’s not often I write a product review that has my husband jazzed. (“Wait … you’re getting a generator??”) I was excited, too. Because I hate when the power goes out and I’m left in the dark with no technology, no electronics and, most importantly, no frozen snacks. That won’t be happening to me anymore … thanks to the Ryobi RYi2200.

I started it myself on the first try. It’s small, lightweight and ridiculously portable. All excellent qualities in a generator, because not everyone is using them for power outages. They’re also great for camping, tailgating, remote construction and other outdoor activities.


Special features?

  • Quiet Operation (Normal conversation is louder.)
  • Clean Power (For sensitive electronics)
  • Fuel Efficient (Runs longer when less is needed)
  • Parallel-Kit Capable (Hook two together for twice the power)
  • Warning Indicators (No overloads on your watch)
  • Three-Year Warranty


What can it power? With 2200 starting and 1800 running watts, it can sustain multiple small things (lamps, fans, laptops) simultaneously OR a large one (microwave, refrigerator) individually. It even comes with cables to charge a car battery.




As with all generators, the Ryobi RYi2200 should only be operated outside in a fully-ventilated area with extension cords running into the home.

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