Flower Boxes: Tips that will save you money this spring.

Flower Boxes: Tips that will save you money this spring image

5 Ways To Save Money On Flower Box Plants This Spring

Whether you live in a studio apartment or are lucky enough to have a real garden, flower boxes are an essential part of getting your home ready for Spring. Beautiful, well-kept flower boxes can brighten up your room, and your view, like nothing else. The only downside? Flowers can become a little pricey. So if you’re looking to beautify your home without breaking the bank, here are five ways to save money on flower box plants this spring, considering exploring local greenhouses for budget-friendly options.

1. Get Advice About the Best Types of Plants to Grow

The key to creating long-lasting, low-cost flower boxes is choosing the best types of plants and flowers. If you’re unsure about which plants are best for the climate in your area, the staff at your local garden center will happily advise you. Each species of plant and flower will have optimum growing conditions. Getting advice is free and switching the types of plants you grow can save you a fortune in the long-run.

2. Recycle Flower Cuttings

When you cut or trim your flowers and plants, the cuttings are a cheap way to improve the nutrient content of the soil in your flower box. Simply leave the cuttings on the soil of your box and the nutrients will gradually nourish the earth. This saves you money compared with buying expensive flower food or fertilizer from a store.  

3. Make Your Own Compost

The ‘natural’ fertilizer you buy from stores can cost you a fortune, yet homemade compost has most of the nutrients that the soil in your flower box needs to give your flowers sustenance. If you are already composting your organic kitchen waste, good for you! If not, we suggest you buy a special indoors composting bin to convert waste into valuable compost without causing a stench. You can save a lot of money while keeping your flower box in top condition.

4. Water Just Enough

Over-watering your flower box can see you heading out to buy more flowers sooner than you’d believe. Watering too much or too frequently means that fresh air will not be able to move into the soil and nourish the roots of your plants. The key to saving money on flowers and plants is to water just enough. Remember the terms ‘deep’ and ‘infrequent’ whenever you water your flower boxes. You need to water to at least one inch and then wait as many days as possible before watering it again. An easy method to check how deeply you are watering is to cut the tops off drinking bottles and then mark one-inch from the base. Put several of these in your flower box to help you check the water levels.

5. Aerate The Soil

Aeration simply means poking holes into the soil of your flower box to get more oxygen to the roots of your plants and flowers. This promotes growth and is a no-cost way to get your flower box ready for Spring. Aerating the soil in your flower box will preserve the lifespan of your flowers and plants and help them look their best.


These five ideas should help you save money on flower box plants this Spring. You’ll get the most out of your plants and flowers and keep them looking fresh and lush for as long as possible. 

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